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SAGECO 100pour100equitable is a French company which promotes fair trade and organic farming. We import raw materials bearing these two labels and develop our own products. Our brand, named 100pour100equitable helps small farmers to access new markets in France and Europe.

SAGECO is convinced that the involvement of all actors (economic and public) is necessary to the development of fair trade. We offer a range of organic and fair trade certified products allowing pleasing and engaging its structure in a more proactive and friendly way towards the environment and the human being.

100pour100équitable is a young, dynamic and innovative brand that shows our involvement with fair trade and organic products.

History Timeline:


•    Foundation of SAGECO and its trademark 100pour100équitable by Vincent Lanos whose goal is to offer fair trade and organic products.
•    Launch of first products under the trademark 100pour100equitable: Emblemõ, Expertõ et Naturõ (Pure Arabica coffee) 
•    Sageco became FairTrade licensee of Max Havelaar
•    Sageco offers gifts and presentation boxes containing exclusively fair trade and organics products.

    Sageco also organizes information campaigns aimed at public and economic players.


•    First direct imports
•    Packaging made by an Institution that provides services through people with disabilities.


•    Creation of the new logo 100pour100equitable: For a better communication of our values:
The green circle : means organic
The orange circle : means Fair Trade.
A link connection for a better world! 

•    Sageco becomes a member of the French Platform of Fair Trade and licensee AB (French organic certification) through the body of Ecocert
•    Launch of honey, organic mango jam and palm sugar 100pour100équitable.
•    Direct Partnerships with over 10 producer cooperatives and artisans worldwide.
•    Sageco imports for the first time in France organic and fair wine including the famous pinotage, rare grape variety, found only in South Africa.


•     Sageco develops and launches the first ready ethical dish, bearing the Max Havelaar label.
•    Creation of the brand “Terroirs d'ici et d'ailleurs" ("From home and abroad”) that symbolizes the marriage of knowledge of agricultural producers in the North with that of Southern producers.
•    Launch of 3 entirely organic and fair teas. This brings to over 20 the number of brand products 100pour100equitable
•    New partnerships with Institutions that provide services through people with disabilities (3 more)


•    Launch of our product range destined to specialized stores